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Property Maintenance Done Right With Next Brick

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Our team undertakes detailed and regular inspections on your property, so you can rest easy knowing that it's well taken care of.

Move-In and out Inspection

Every inspection is conducted with attention to detail by our experienced team members. We prepare a thorough inspection report to ensure your property is left in the same condition it came in.

Routine inspections

Our goal is to conduct at least two inspections and comprehensive walk-throughs to ensure that your property is well-maintained. and to identify and address any maintenance issues promptly.

Once the inspection is finalized, the comprehensive report will be promptly uploaded to your owner portal for your easy access. All crucial documents, such as inspections, will be readily available for your reference, allowing you to review them at your convenience.


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Owner or Renter?

We prioritize transparent and hassle-free maintenance services. Our aim is to simplify the maintenance process and ensure that it works seamlessly for you and your residents. Trust us to take care of your property's maintenance needs efficiently and effectively.

Thoroughly Reviewed

Next Brick's team carefully reviews all maintenance requests submitted by residents. If additional information is needed or the issue can be resolved over the phone, we will contact the resident for further details.

Fast Decision & Repairs

After gathering all the necessary information, we promptly and cost-effectively address the repairs. For repairs or replacements exceeding $500, we will contact you for approval.

Right Price

We have a network of licensed and bonded vendors, allowing us to secure highly competitive rates for repairs and replacements. Additionally, you can provide us with a list of preferred vendors.

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How It Works?

Simple Property Management Fees

We believe in transparent and flat fee pricing. High fees don't entail higher service standards. Keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket.

No inspections fees​

No maintenance markups

No cancellation fees

No long-term agreement

Proudly Part Of A Great Community

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