They Were Driving Me Crazy!

I have had pests in my home that are driving me crazy! If you are wondering what the pests were, continue reading as I will explain.

I woke up one morning to make myself a sandwich, I opened the bread packaging took out a slice and noticed there was a little brown bug on it. I was disgusted by that and threw it out then I had a look inside the bread packaging itself and I noticed about 3 of them inside it (this is where I discovered the infestation). At first I thought it was just unlucky really and didn’t think much of it but I did throw the bread packet out.



The next day my daughter screamed while preparing her cereal in the morning. I went over to have a look why she screamed and there was the little bug again, 2 in fact. This started to worry me. As the days went by, I started to see more and more of them just walking around my kitchen. they are only about 2mm as well so they are tiny. I thought it was time I called a pest control in Sutton Coldfield to deal with it.

The Best Place For Wedding Rings In The Midlands

If you are looking for wedding rings in the Midlands, the best place you could possibly go to is the jewellery quarter. The jewellery quarter is the heart of fine jewellery and is the one place you can rely on to go to find any piece of jewellery you are looking for. Wedding rings in jewellery quarter are very popular and it is one of jewellery quarters most popular jewellery that they have to offer and that is bought in this place. I know form experience when it comes to buying a wedding ring the jewellery quarter is the best place to go in the Midlands.

platinum ring


I remember 2 years ago before I got married. I was on a constant struggle to find the wedding ring that I knew my partner would love. I was after a particular style that I had in mind but I haven’t seen anything like it in the jewellers I went to. I wasted a lot of my time trying to find these jewellers and then I finally realised that the jewellery quarter specialises in these types of jewellery and that is when I came across the perfect wedding ring for my wife.

Found The Right Printers

I was after some printing in Birmingham. I didn’t know of any printers who would offer me the best possible quality prints. Many people referred me to printing companies they have used before but I was’t interested in them although they were great printing companies I only wanted the best.

Cartoon Business Card

I typed into a search engine printing Birmingham and I came across Big In Ink. Big In Ink are the number one printers in Birmingham. This really attracted my attention because that is a huge statement to make saying you are number one in Birmingham. I had a look through their website to find out more about the company and what they have to offer. What interested me even more was that they also offer innovative print solutions. After being convinced that Big In Ink was he printing company to go to I then decided to make a visit to this place. I spoke to an advisor who could help me with some creative business cards. He was very nice and supportive and together we made the perfect business cards.

Home Improvement Idea!

It was just a normal day and I started searching online for new home improvement ideas along with other stuff too. I started looking at some youtube videos of designs people have created within their house and these designs where so unbelievably good this is what made me want to do some internet browsing to try and find some ideas I could work on towards my home. I wasn’t searching for long and I came across loft conversions. Loft conversions are ideal because not only does give me something to do, It also is very practical too.

loft converison

I really thought about having a loft conversion don because not only is it practical, it will also be a perfect new addition to the house as it will give us another room and not only that, the value of the house itself will increase dramatically too. I am still deciding on how I would like the loft converted room to look and what company I will use to convert my loft. So that means I will have to hold tight on the loft conversion as of now.

I am driving!

I have finally passed my driving test and it feels just so good to be able to drive. For me one of the worst feelings was having to rely on someone else to take me somewhere I had to go. Firstly this wasn’t convenient for me or the person taking me. Public transport is something I have always hated with a passion no matter how useful it is and I did rely on it. Public transport is very useful don’t get me wrong but i just didn’t like it and walking wasn’t an option because of how far I have to travel.

Cartoon Car

Now that i can drive I can go to places where I couldn’t go to before because a car is a lot faster and more reliable way to get to places. I have had so much more freedom whilst driving it is just great. I had my driving lessons Birmingham and it didn’t take me too long to pass either. I am not quite sure how many lesson I did take but all I know is the instructor was very good and now I am abel to drive!

Looking For Paper Shredder

I recently started looking for paper shredders because I felt like I needed one for my office. The reason why I wanted to buy a paper shredder was because I have a lot of paper work in my office that I need to remove and I don’t want to throw it out because that will leave my confidential paperwork unsafe and may be able to get into the wrong hands and that is something I do not want.


I had a look for paper shredders online because there aren’t any paper shredder shops I can go visit. The only store that will have some paper shredders near me is staples and they won’t offer no where near the variety and prices I can find online. I had a search online and found a website called shreddy gogo. Their website was very user friendly and had such a large variety of paper shredders. The site was very easy to use and i also found a shredder I really liked and the delivery was very impressive too

Different Ways To Relax

Are you interested in different ways to relax? Do you often have troubles trying to relax? If these two questions do relate to you then you are looking in the right place because what I will be writing about in todays post is various different ways and techniques to relax.

First of all, these techniques and different ways to relax may not work as good as it does on other people, there is no guarantee that they will work either, it just depends on you and your body.

There are many different ways you can relax I will list a few solid ways to relax below. Some work better than others.

  • Laying in bed, perfect for mind and body recovery.
  • Listening to music, ideal for freeing your mind.
  • Watching TV. Great to relieve stress.
  • Having a long soak, good for muscle and body relaxation.
  • Sitting in a hot tub, Ultimate body, muscle and mind relaxation. (if you are looking to purchase a hot tub try searching for hot tubs UK).

If you still struggle to relax then I will post a more in depth guide on relaxation.



Alternative & Improved Heating

I have had underfloor heating installed in my for about 7 months now and I am glad I did as the benefits are just so worth it. If you are wondering why I am writing this post then I will tell you just to clarify, this is post is just to bring the awareness of others to a better more efficient way to heat up your home . If you are still interested in finding out more please continue reading.


Underfloor heating is the most practical and cost efficient way to heat up your flooring and your entire room equally. The way this system works is by heated rods that are placed beneath your flooring and they are powered by your mains.You save a large amount f money by powering your heating through the mains, up to 30% in fact! This is ideal as you will no longer need your boiler and you wont even need the radiators. Underfloor heating is a very practical alternative heating solution and it will be the only way you should heat up your room.

Been Driving a Month

I can’t believe I passed my driving test! It was such a surprise to see myself pass even though I knew I had it in me. The feeling of being able to drive is just the best you get so much more freedom because you are bale to go almost wherever you like whenever you like. You have quick and easy access to your car, all you have to do is just pick up the keys and you’re good to go. Having a car is just so ideal for everyday life I don’t even know how anyone I could live without my car now.

passed driving

It has only been 4 weeks since I passed my driving and I already feel comfortable, I have certainly made a lot of use form my car. The car I currently drive is a Renault Clio. I do really like this car and I think it is a god car to start with. I passed my test using driving instructors Birmingham.

My Big Project

After a few months of saving and a few months of solid planning I think I am finally ready to start it. My guess is that right now you are wondering what it is I am planning and saving up for, there are countless possibilities and I won’t keep you waiting either! What I have been planning and saving up for is a big project that includes my home and my back garden.


You got the hint yet? I Know some of you may be on the right track but if you are still completely clueless, don’t worry I will explain. The project I can finally work on is my back garden. I want to have a very beautiful and traditional looking back garden. When I say traditional I don’t mean the standard law and flowers I mean the ancient traditional feel to it. This is something I have always loved  but It isn’t something you can start straight away and it does require a lot of planning and designing. I have been getting equipment together such as a drainage pipe for the water feature etc.

The Only Suit I Buy

I had been searching for a formal suit that I could wear out to business meeting and work. I dislike buying my formal suits from retailers as I believe they are very common and look very plain and un appealing to me as well as knowing how many others have the same suit you are looking at worries me. I like to imagine what I want then try and locate what I want in the stores I got to when it comes to clothes shopping. What completely puts me off about retailers suits is that their suits are made to measure a model and not my actual body so the fit will never be perfect.


Those are the only reasons why I have to visit Birmingham tailors to get my suits made to fit my body while having my style and designs worked into the suit. I only wear tailored suits and the reason why couldn’t be any simpler, they are very unique and are made to fit your body this looks really smart and it is what you are after in a suit. Tailor made suits are and always will be the only suits I wear.

The Guide To Finding Your Car

As you all know, buying a new car can be a difficult task especially if you are trying to find a car that is near you and have everything you are looking for. If you are having troubles don’t worry! I am writing this post to hopefully guide you into locating and buying your next car. Before you start searching for your new car there are a few things you need to bare in mind before you start. The first thing is to make sure you are aware of the exact features and specs as well as the car you are looking for would help. After that is is pretty simple really and you can start the searching process.

Cartoon Car

How can I locate the car I am after? Is probably a common question. This is simple there are many websites online that locate cars and car dealers such as auto trader. Auto trader is a as good as google when it comes to finding a car and a dealer. You can add all the specification you require and the preferred distance from you home address as well as the car make and model. you can also use search engines to search for your car as an example car dealers lichfield to find a website of a car dealers near you.

How Should You Stay Warm?

When it comes to heating up your home there are so many ways in which one can do so but finding a way that is convenient for you can be the hard task. If this is the case with you then you re looking in the right place! What i will be covering in this post is the new and and efficient ways on which you can heat up your home. This post will also cover many traditional and alternative ways to heat up your home too.

As you already know there are many ways to heat up your home but here is a list of different ways both new and old.

  • Central heating system
  • Portable radiators
  • Lighting Candles
  • Fire Place
  • Underfloor heating
  • Portable heating fans

The ways in which you can stay warm in your home is by

  • Wrapping up in clothing
  • Covering yourself in a blanket
  • High Quality insulation
  • Keeping windows and doors closed
  • Keeping vents closed

These are a few of the most effective ways and can all be done at the same time.

Suffering From Back Related Pains?

Are you currently suffering from back pains? Are you currently receiving treatment for those pains? If the answer is no then you must take serious consideration into doing so. If the answer is yes, then what I am about to cover in this post will really benefit you and your back problems. If neither of these questions relate to you then this post may not be relevant however I will cover some important issues.


If you have any back related pains or issues it is very important you get them checked out immediately by your local general practitioner or a hospital. Most back issues start of small and gradually get worse making it a major risk so do not think that my problem is only small and it is not worth getting checked out. Damaging your back can cause you to have major problems walking  and normal activities. Severe back problems could even lead to permanent paralysation. I struggled to walk at times so I went to visit my local GP. He told me to visit chiropractors Birmingham.

Ways To Promote Yourself

When it comes to promoting yourself or a business there are endless ways in which you can do so, I will be covering a few ways in which you can help promote your business and benefit from the results of doing so.

Promotional pens are a great way to promote your business. Not only are the very practical, I mean, who doesn’t need a pen? Because pens are very practical this is what makes them an effective promotional tool. You can have your company name and number or  whatever you like printed on them which makes them great.

promotional pens

Business cards are a traditional yet still a very effective way to promote yourself, service or business. Business cards too can contain any print of your choice. These are great to hand out to people.

The last but not least way to promote yourself that I will be covering today is through social media. Social media is a powerful tool to attract a lot of traffic towards your self. The best social media platform are Twitter and Facebook.

Looking For A New Heating System

I was looking around for a new heating system because my old one was very ugly and doesn’t perform like it should. The main reason why I want to replace my old central heating system is because they aren’t working like they should be, they do not heat up to their potential and this is costing me a lot of money in the long run. One other thing I dislike about my old central heating system is that they look very old and don’t match my modern interior design my home has.


While I was searching around for a new more modern heating system I cam across some very stylish radiators. There where long wall radiators that had a modern boxed shape to them and a brushed steel look which I really liked but I wasn’t keen on how big they where, it doesn’t really work for my room because our rooms are minimalistic styled. I had a look though a heating magazine and I saw underfloor heating. This was perfect because we would have warm floors and rooms in our home as well as having more space because the radiators would be removed.

The Car Is Mine

I finally purchased the car I was after. I have been searching online for car dealers lichfield for about just over a month and I have been struggling to find this car I was looking for near me. The problem I keep t on facing was that the car that I liked was always very far away from me and the results where like 100 miles away and 70 miles away and I just wasn’t prepared to travel that far and then find out I don’t like the car.

Cartoon Car

I also tried to find a car dealer through auto trader. Auto trader for me is the best to try and find a car and locate one like a searched for near me. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one on that site this is whyI had to search online for car dealers in lichfield. Luckily for me I found a dealer that had the closest to the exact car I was looking for. I was so happy because I only had to travel 8 miles to get it which was ideal.

Save Money With a Rainwater Harvesting System

The one way you can save a lot of money on your water bills is by installing a rainwater harvesting system on your property. This id the best and most efficient way to do so.

There are various ways in which you can cut down the use of water and this can be by not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth, not leaving the tap running while washing the dishes, taking baths instead of showers. These are the common ways in which people like to use to try and save money but these ways can really have an impact on your life because you may not be comfortable with it and might not be ideal.

With a rainwater harvesting systems you do not need to worry about cutting down on your water supply as much. Why? Because the what rainwater harvesting does is collects run off rainwater and transfers into a filtration system and then stored in a water storage tank. Rainwater is free, and it is naturally clean so why not make the most of it today? With a rainwater harvesting system there is a one off installation fee then its virtually free.

Infographic Rainwater Harvesting

I Want a Games Room

We have decorated every room in our home. We really enjoy decorating and we never stick with one design for too long. We decided we wanted to work on a new project towards our home. We have a large garage and we though we could convert the garage into a games room but this would mean that we wont have garage anymore and that would be a little issue. Then it hit me. I felt so clever when I thought of this. You may be wondering what hit me but I will explain.


What brilliant idea I had was to convert my loft into a games room. This was perfect because I am making use of a place in my home that doesn’t ever get seen or touched and is practically the perfect place to turn into a games room while still having my garage. I had a look online for loft conversions and companies that will do a professional job. I found a company that seems to be good. I am thinking about ringing them, in the meanwhile i’m just planning out the design.


How To Save Money

When it comes to saving yourself a lot of money there are thousands of different ways in which you can do so. Some are simple and some may be complex, there are also many common ways to save money, for example cutting costs on clothing, food and money spent on having a good time. These ways are very good but can often be an inconvenience. One of the best ways in which you can save money is by reducing the amount of water you use while at home.


Water bills are often very high and many people overlook the amount of money they can save by just reducing their usage of water. There are many ways you can reduce the amount of water you use. The best way to reduce your water is by purchasing a water tank. Water tanks are ideal for monitoring your water usage, therefore ideal for saving you money. Water tanks can come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Isn’t it time you saved money the easier way?

My Friends Surprise Purchase

I went to visit my good friend. She has been a close friend of mine for 9 years. She called me over to her house because she said she had a surprise for me. I wasn’t sure what this surprise could be so I was very interested in going over to have a look.

Luxury Hot Tub

I haven’t been to see her in like a month due to the fact that I was very busy with work. When I finally made the time to go and see her she surprised me with something I wanted for ages and unfortunately I could not afford it. What was this surprise and why did i want it? Well it was a hot tub! I couldn’t believe that she had bought one. My first question I asked her was how much it cost. I knew hot tubs are very expensive so I had no idea how she could have managed to purchase one. She said she was searching for hot tubs for sale online and she came across a company who had high quality hot tubs selling very cheap. I was very interested in purchasing one myself so I have been looking for a deal since.

Repairing My Stairlift

I have stairlift outside my home for my grandmother as she lives in the same house as me because she is in a bit of a bad shape and find it very hard to walk up stairs and walk in general. She has to use a wheelchair or her mobility scooter I bought when she wants to go out. Recently our stairlift machine seem to have broke. I was very annoyed and concerned at the same time. I was annoyed because I thought I would have had to spend another hundred or thousand just to fix or replace it. I was concerned because my grandmother needs this stairlift plus I had no idea when or how long it would take it get it repaired.


I knew a guy who installed my stairlift, he also does stairlift repairs so I gave him a call and asked him if he was free to come straight away to fix it. Luckily for me he did, he’s a great guy, he had a look at the stairlift by opening it up and said the problem here was just the battery. The battery needed replacing because it was burnt out. He replaced it with minimum charge and it was working the same day.

Improving my home

I have had my home now for 8 years. I guess you could say that is a fairly long time considering I am only in my early thirties. I like to go a lot of home improvements to my house because I like expressing my creativity and  I love the the positive results from the the improvements. I recently started work on my living room and I have started work on my flooring first as it is probably best place to start  and is not the thing you would want to leave till last to do.


I had a brown carpet before but I fee like I want to change to hard wooden flooring. I spoke to a flooring specialist and he said it is possible for him to install it for me and he also advised me to install underfloor heating. I asked him why and he said, with hard wood flooring they tend to be cold most of the time so for ultimate comfort you should install underfloor heating to keep them warm as well as your room too.

Install rainwater harvesting

Do you know the benefit s of rainwater harvesting? Are you looking to install a rainwater harvesting system to your home? If these questions relate to you then this what I am writing about today will completely benefit you as I will be covering the facts and benefits of rainwater harvesting along with how the rainwater harvesting system works.

First of all, I will talk about how rainwater harvesting works. Rainwater harvesting is all about collecting run off rainwater that falls naturally from the sky through precipitation (rain). This water is completely free and naturally clean through a process called evaporation.  The run off rainwater is then collected from your roof tops into a filtration system and stores in a water collection tank, this process is explained in the diagram below.



Now I will cover some interesting facts. With a rainwater harvesting system you will save a lot of money on your water bills for the simple fact that rainwater doesn’t cost anything. You will have water that is usable for cleaning and other purposes and its all for just one off cost for installation.

Don’t Fall For Generic Jewellery

When it comes to buying jewellery I am a very fussy person. I don’t like to wear jewellery often, the main reason for this is because a lot of the jewellers sell the same generic style of jewellery and no matter how much money you spend on a piece of jewellery that is generic it won’t make it anymore attractive (in my opinion). You may be wondering why? Well, it’s simple jewellery that is looks boring and common isn’t going to be as visually appealing as a piece of jewellery that is hand crafted and unique, no matter how big the diamond or how good the material used to make the jewellery is. For this reason I only purchase fine hand crafted jewellery.

bespoke ring

I found a jewellers near me called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellers, they offer fine hand crafted jeweller that is made by them and there is no middle man. What makes Hamlingtons so good is that they create bespoke jewellery that looks so  much better than the generic jewellery we see in most jewellers. Hamlingtons is one of the only places I go for Fine Jewellery

Finally Found The Car I Wanted

After all this time I spent saving up and waiting to purchase my new car I have finally found a car that I can buy and I love it. The car that I want to buy is an Audi A1. U thought it was going to be very difficult to find this car near me because of the specs I was after etc. To my surprise I found the car very easily and it was from a car dealer close to me too which made it even better.

Cartoon Car

I found this care by searching through google for used car dealers Lichfield. I came across this used car dealer who had large variety of cars from family cars to sports cars. I was very impressed so i headed over to the car dealers to give them a look and most importantly look at the car I wanted to buy. Once I got there I saw the car and I knew it wad the one for me. I had a test drive and then bought it straight away.

I like Simple Watches What About You?

When it comes to watches. I am a very fussy person and I usually like one style only and that is clean and simple. I am not into all that flashy stuff because for me, it is just too much for a watch. I prefer a more clean, casual and smart look and you can sort of achieve this look in my opinion through Gucci’s designer watches. Gucci tend to make their watches black and often include their three main brand colours which are green, red and black (black being the man colour and 2 stripes which are green and red).

gucci watch

I really like this style is very smart and clean and not bulky and distracting like most other watches. There is nothing wrong with those type of watches and they tend to cost a lot more too but I just think they are overkill. Designer watches can also make great gift ideas as well as a fashion accessory. Designer watches can also be an indicator of the wearers wealth status and bragging rights. Whatever reason you would like a watch there will always be one for you.

FAQ’s Gold and Gold Jewellery

When it comes to gold jewellery many people are still uncertain about the material and the jewellery itself and because of this fact I am writing this post to help understand more about gold and gold jewellery by answering the most frequently asked questions.

gold jewellery

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about gold and gold jewellery.

What is gold? 

Gold is the only metal that is naturally yellow in colour and is very malleable and non reactant. A tiny piece of gold can be stretched out up to meters.

Why is gold used for jewellery?

It is a soft metal and can be easily moulded, it is non reactant so it wont ware. Gold’s natural appearance is very rare and is the only metal that is naturally found bright yellow. Gold jewellery is also very valuable.

Why is gold jewellery so popular?

Gold jewellery is very distinctive it is naturally yellow and it is easy to tell the difference, whereas silver, platinum and steel are very similar and can be hard to identify. Gold is also worth more the steel and silver.


Picked Up my New Car

I popped into my local car dealer to pick up my new car I just bought online. I found the car dealer in google by typing in used cars staffordshire. The car dealer was very local to me and had a large variety of cars with some very good deals a lot better than most car dealers. The car that I bought was a Renault Clio. The car is very nice and pretty quick. It came with a slight body kit and grey seats.

Cartoon Car

The car itself was dark blue almost navy. It has black alloys and a CD player and air conditioning. Others specs are pretty much standard apart from the sports air filter. I like to customise my cars, not to an extend where they are over done but just to enhance the over all look of the car itself like for instance, side skirts, exhaust, alloys wheels, tinted windows and maybe slight bumper modifications. I have had my car for 1 month and so far theres no problems. I highly advise you go to this dealer he is called Cars 2 You.

Our Birthday Gifts

I was in need of a gift for my partner. It was for her 23rd birthday and she loves to get proper gifts for her birthday because she likes to give really expensive gifts too. I remember when I turned 25 she bought me a Gucci watch and I really like the watch she bought me so I know I have to return the favour with something at the same if not better.

diamond earrings

I didn’t know where to start in terms of gift ideas. I think it’s hard shopping for women so I was essentially clueless. I asked some he good mates if they can help me out with you know what you think she might like or what they would like for their parters to buy them for a birthday and all that. In the end they just told me to visit the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. They said the quarter is the place to go when it comes to purchasing gifts. They have a wide range of jewellers and shops in one area so you can easily compare. I went to visit the jewellery quarter and I ordered her a diamond earrings.

Panic is over!

I had been searching for a wedding rings in Birmingham for so long in the hope to find a unique yet stylish wedding ring and not buy a common looking wedding ring. Wedding rings are usually very simple and elegant, in my eyes, that type of simple and elegant is boring and far too common and the last thing I wanted to do is give my partner a common wedding ring because she isn’y no ordinary women to me and I also want to make the right sort of gesture and not hand over a plain wedding band, even though she probably won’t mind.

Gold wedding ring

Although I wanted the wedding ring to be something unique and uncommon, I also wanted it to be traditional in the sense that I wanted it to be gold jewellery and not platinum etc. We all know how the saying goes. “Hard work pays off”. It certainly did, I eventually found the ring that I thought would be absolutely perfect for her and I can not wait for her to see it.

Have Your Ducts Been Cleaned Before?

Do your ducts need cleaning? Duct cleaning is over looked by many people and it is a part of your home that should be cleaned especially kitchen ducts. Kitchen duct cleaning is vital for business that offer any type of food or catering service. It is important because of many reasons, some of the most important reasons are;

  • General kitchen hygiene
  • The dust that will build up in your ducts will spread everywhere
  • There will be a build up of dead insect and droppings
  • There can be bacteria and infections forming inside your ducts that can spread through the air and onto the food and possibly infect people inside the building
  • Dirty ducts can cause the air quality inside your home or place work to be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside

These are a few reason why ductwork cleaning is very important. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned yet It is advised that yo do so when you get the chance otherwise you could be the one suffering from anyone of those above.

Your Suit Your Way

Do you like to wear suits a lot? Do you want to wear a suit that is made to fit you and your individual style? if so, luckily for you I am here to find a solution to your problems. You probably already know that every clothes store has their clothing all sized to one particular model and not made to measure your body. This can be very annoying because the suit may not look as good on you just because it wasn’t exactly made for if you catch my drift.


I wear suits a lot so believe me I am speaking from experience. I wanted a suit that was unique and not bump into another guy wearing the same or something similar to me. I also wanted it to be made to measure my body and not anyone else’s. I went to visit tailors birmingham. The tailors where great they matched the suit to my body and features and also worked with me to create the perfect suit each time.

Stay Warm this Winter

Winter times are harsh in most european countries, if you live in the UK it may feel like winter never leaves us and this can be very stressful for many people, for example, walking on cold floors, the cost of heating bills, having to wrap up in unnecessary clothing and most importantly having you left feeling uncomfortable in your own home.


With an underfloor heating system you can avoid this problem. Why? Because an underfloor heating system runs on low temperature whilst covering a larger area meaning equal spread of heat as well as it being more efficient, you can save around 15-33% on heating bills with an underfloor heating system. Apart from the initial cost there is not any other major issues with underfloor heating. If you can afford the instalment and would require further information about underfloor heating please visit Don’t suffer this winter and upgrade your heating system today and save money in the long run

The One Stop For Jewellery

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is the heart of fine jewellery. It is a place thriving with shoppers and is very close to the Birmingham city centre where shoppers from even across the globe come to pay a visit to experience what busy city life is like. Birmingham city centre is a place where you can virtually find any item you are in need of but when it comes to fine jewellery the only place you should visit is the Jewellery Quarter. This is the one stop shop for jewellery, wether you are looking for weddings rings jewellery quarter or diamond rings jewellery quarter, everything can be found here. It is not only wedding rings that you can find here you can also buy watches, earrings, bespoke jewellery, broaches practically any jewellery you can think off.

Gold wedding ring

I love jewellery, especially gold jewellery. My favourite type of jewellery are necklaces earring and wrist wear. The last time I went to the Jewellery Quarter, I was having a browse through some rings. I saw this lovely platinum wedding ring and I started to think that could be mine in a few years time, but for now. I am just going to stick with how am.

I Started the Stretching Process

I have had piercing for a long time now and I decided I wanted to try stretching my ears because I loved the style of jewellery that is available with stretched ear lobes. I really liked the tunnel earrings. I liked them because they are unusual and uncommon plus I like to be different and it kinds suited my style too. I have always preferred larger studded earrings. My favourite earrings are black studs but there isn’t much variety in just standard 1.6mm studs. I noticed a lot of cheater plugs to make it look as though you have a stretcher in but in fact its just a standard screw on earring. This is when I just decided that I would get my ear stretched.


I did some research on how to stretch my ear lobes at home and it required patience and and an ear stretching kit. The reason why it takes patience is because you have to gradually stretch your ear. I currently have my ear stretched to 6mm and I love it. I have surgical steel black tunnels in at the moment, they are my favourite!

Watches For Her

Women’s watches are beautiful, I have a collection of watches from branded to non branded. My watches also vary in style too, I pretty much have a watch for any outfit I choose. The reason why I  wear watches more than bracelets and other wrist jewellery is because they are usually too boring for me and they don’t stand out as much. I find that watches come in a variety of different colours and styles to suit you.

As you may have gathered I am a woman and It is a shame that mens watches are more popular than watches for women. I live in Birmingham and for me there is nothing better than shopping in the jewellery quarter. Jewellery quarter Birmingham is the heart of fine jewellery. This is one of the only places I like to purchase my watches from. There are so many shops for accessories! It’s like my heaven.

One of my most recent purchases was a beautiful white watch with diamonds on it. I bought it to go with my black dress, I really like the contrast from the black to white and I am so happy with my purchase!

white watch womens

Underfloor Heating is Ideal

I have a small family of a wife and 2 children. My wife and I have lived in this house for 5 years. My children are young and like to play on the floor with their toys the majority of their time and we don’t have carpeted floors. Our floors are hard wood so my wife and I didn’t want our children to be playing on cold hard wood flooring and feeling uncomfortable. We decided not to place a rug below their play area because that is just a temporary fix. We decided we will get an underfloor heating system installed.

This heating system was ideal for use because not only did we have warm and play on for my kids it was also perfect for warming up our entire home. We were surprised how efficient this new heating system is and how little it costs to run and there is little to non when it comes to servicing and maintenance . We are so happy we installed this new underfloor heating system and we don’t know how we managed to live without it

Breakdown: Hamlingtons

In todays breakdown I chose to do a guide and breakdown on Hamlingtons. Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery are jewellers who quote to be ‘the best jewellers in the world’. They do offer wide selection of jewellery.

Rose gold

Who are Hamlingtons?

Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery is a family run business bringing Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to the heart of the beautiful town of Warwick. George Hamlington founded the business in the 1940′s since then it has passed through 3 generations of the family. The current owner is David Hamlington.

What makes Hamlingtons unique?

They do produce the highest quality hand crafted jewellery. Each piece is also adapted to suit you, from size and colour or just finding that perfect item to fit your budget.

What collections of jewellery do they have?

They have almost everything you could need, the collections they have are; Rose gold, pearl, blue, red & pink, green, purple, yellow, black and mens collection.

Wheres my nearest store?

They cover many areas from Leicester to Leamington Spa. To check if there is a local store near you take a look at their website

Competitive Edge with Languages

Are you interested in learning a language? Are you worried to start learning? Is the cost worrying you or the time it may take to learn it?

Well, you shouldn’t be. Learning languages isn’t as hard as you may expect them to be, after all, it is completely natural for us to pick up languages. As soon as you born you are learning to communicate and you slowly develop your language skills without realising. When it comes down to it the bottom line with learning a language is memorising a certain phrase with a meaning. With modern technology and techniques learning a new language couldn’t be easier.

Learning a new language is a great way to develop yourself and build your confidence with communicating with others. It is also a skill you can be proud of. In todays world communication is key with so many weird and wonderful ways to communicate to each other so why not have an advantage over everyone else? Learn a new language it is definitely worth it in todays competitive world

Make your kitchen sparkle

If you own a restaurant, you know the heart of the restaurant is the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen up and running is crucial to for it’s success, but a kitchen will get messy and requires a lot of maintenance in terms of cleaning.

You might think your kitchen is sparkling clean but a lot of the dirt is hidden and can be a risk to your health and everyone else surrounding you.

The kitchen canopy is a main part of the kitchen that requires cleaning and is not easily visible so it can be over looked.  


99% of catering premises have a system to remove steam and odours, these contain greasy deposits. These can build up over time and can be the cause of a serious fire risk. Make sure you are covered and call De-duct now!

Where Do You Find a Ring

We love jewellery and we’re always looking for new and interesting places and pieces to shop within the jewellery market. Being based in the West Midlands, we’re close to the jewellery quarter Birmingham and that is home to the largest collection of jewellers in Europe, so it’s probably a good place to start when looking for a ring.

jewellery quarter birmingham


When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s so many different factors that come into the planning stage you might overlook certain area’s. But we all want our special day to be one to remember and having a great ring is probably one of the most important aspects of the wedding.

But where do you shop to find your perfect wedding ring? We went out in the quarter to look around for the best wedding rings Birmingham, and found a quite sensational collection of both platinum, palladium and gold rings on offer around a selection of fine jewellery stores.

So if you’re planning a wedding and are on the look out for a ring, there’s certainly going to be something to match your budget and requirements in the jewellery quarter, and it’s well worth booking appointments with some of the best family built jewellery stores in the country.

Make Your Mark

Many business sit thinking about different ways that they can have an impact on their customers and leave a lasting impression of their products and services in the mind of potential customers. But marketing is the key area where a lot of businesses fail, and not getting the word out properly, or not making yourself and your product better than your competitors – then you are well on the way to joining the pile of failed businesses and ideas over the years.

Our company just had a fantastic range of flyers, business cards and brochures produced by a fantastic printers in Birmingham, they really are something special. But designing a quality product to print is also important. Just having a simple rectangle business card with not much colour or detail going on won’t leave a memorable impression on who you give it to, whereas the one with the embossed text etc will stand a better chance.

printers in birmingham


This is why it is important to make sure you find a quality printing company to deal with your design and printing requirements. Although sometimes you may have to pay a little bit more, its definitely worth it. See Big in Ink’s website for some fantastic examples and deals on printing in the UK here:

Find The Right Jewellers

Jewellery is such a huge market globally and rightly so. There’s such an extensive range of items available and when it comes down your special wedding day, there’s so much to consider whether it be engagement rings, wedding rings and so much more!

But this poses the question of where is the best place to look for jewellery? Well in the West Midlands there’s a huge selection of jewellery shops providing some of the most elegant and beautiful rings and stones in the country. The jewellery quarter in Birmingham is probably the starting point for most, playing home to some of the leading shops in the country.

jewellery shops


But there’s life outside the quarter, and in some of the surrounding area’s such as Leamington Spa, Solihull and even out as far as Coventry, you will find some of the most prestigious jewellery shops around. Take a look at the link below for jewellers in your area.

TRX Madness

With the summer time fast approaching and the winter beginning to come to an end, its the time people start thinking about joining the gym to start their training and gain fitness, while slowly edging towards a better body for the summer.

The key mistake a lot of people make is that they don’t have much knowledge when it comes to diet, exercise and training – so they end up not getting the desired results from their training. By having a good base knowledge and training in the correct manor, you can achieve much better results from a lot less work.

suspension trainer


The upcoming product in the gym currently is the use of TRX ropes as a form of a suspension trainer and people have been able to achieve some fantastic results. You can isolate and train specific area’s of the body to achieve maximum results as appose to standardised weight exercises.

Head over to the Kinectivate website to find out more about TRX, wellness and training.