Make your kitchen sparkle

If you own a restaurant, you know the heart of the restaurant is the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen up and running is crucial to for it’s success, but a kitchen will get messy and requires a lot of maintenance in terms of cleaning.

You might think your kitchen is sparkling clean but a lot of the dirt is hidden and can be a risk to your health and everyone else surrounding you.

The kitchen canopy is a main part of the kitchen that requires cleaning and is not easily visible so it can be over looked.  


99% of catering premises have a system to remove steam and odours, these contain greasy deposits. These can build up over time and can be the cause of a serious fire risk. Make sure you are covered and call De-duct now!

Where Do You Find a Ring

We love jewellery and we’re always looking for new and interesting places and pieces to shop within the jewellery market. Being based in the West Midlands, we’re close to the jewellery quarter Birmingham and that is home to the largest collection of jewellers in Europe, so it’s probably a good place to start when looking for a ring.

jewellery quarter birmingham


When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s so many different factors that come into the planning stage you might overlook certain area’s. But we all want our special day to be one to remember and having a great ring is probably one of the most important aspects of the wedding.

But where do you shop to find your perfect wedding ring? We went out in the quarter to look around for the best wedding rings Birmingham, and found a quite sensational collection of both platinum, palladium and gold rings on offer around a selection of fine jewellery stores.

So if you’re planning a wedding and are on the look out for a ring, there’s certainly going to be something to match your budget and requirements in the jewellery quarter, and it’s well worth booking appointments with some of the best family built jewellery stores in the country.

Make Your Mark

Many business sit thinking about different ways that they can have an impact on their customers and leave a lasting impression of their products and services in the mind of potential customers. But marketing is the key area where a lot of businesses fail, and not getting the word out properly, or not making yourself and your product better than your competitors – then you are well on the way to joining the pile of failed businesses and ideas over the years.

Our company just had a fantastic range of flyers, business cards and brochures produced by a fantastic printers in Birmingham, they really are something special. But designing a quality product to print is also important. Just having a simple rectangle business card with not much colour or detail going on won’t leave a memorable impression on who you give it to, whereas the one with the embossed text etc will stand a better chance.

printers in birmingham


This is why it is important to make sure you find a quality printing company to deal with your design and printing requirements. Although sometimes you may have to pay a little bit more, its definitely worth it. See Big in Ink’s website for some fantastic examples and deals on printing in the UK here:

Find The Right Jewellers

Jewellery is such a huge market globally and rightly so. There’s such an extensive range of items available and when it comes down your special wedding day, there’s so much to consider whether it be engagement rings, wedding rings and so much more!

But this poses the question of where is the best place to look for jewellery? Well in the West Midlands there’s a huge selection of jewellery shops providing some of the most elegant and beautiful rings and stones in the country. The jewellery quarter in Birmingham is probably the starting point for most, playing home to some of the leading shops in the country.

jewellery shops


But there’s life outside the quarter, and in some of the surrounding area’s such as Leamington Spa, Solihull and even out as far as Coventry, you will find some of the most prestigious jewellery shops around. Take a look at the link below for jewellers in your area.

TRX Madness

With the summer time fast approaching and the winter beginning to come to an end, its the time people start thinking about joining the gym to start their training and gain fitness, while slowly edging towards a better body for the summer.

The key mistake a lot of people make is that they don’t have much knowledge when it comes to diet, exercise and training – so they end up not getting the desired results from their training. By having a good base knowledge and training in the correct manor, you can achieve much better results from a lot less work.

suspension trainer


The upcoming product in the gym currently is the use of TRX ropes as a form of a suspension trainer and people have been able to achieve some fantastic results. You can isolate and train specific area’s of the body to achieve maximum results as appose to standardised weight exercises.

Head over to the Kinectivate website to find out more about TRX, wellness and training.